“I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days.” Hafiz

This month has some significant cosmic events in that we have 2 eclipses and the Vernal equinox to celebrate as the Sun enters the sign of Aries, the end of winter and arrival of spring! The first eclipse on March 8th is a new Moon Solar eclipse at 18 degrees of Pisces. A very sensitive eclipse as, in addition to the Sun and Moon in Pisces, there are Mercury and Neptune in a conjunction aspect and the asteroid Chiron close to the south node of the moon. This eclipse is also being squared by Saturn in Sag and opposed by Jupiter in Virgo. This indicates a clear need for healing on an authentic and deeply internal level. Begin to anticipate this energy now and seek to do something to bring about healing yourself. Make a plan and stick to it. Whatever house this stellium of Pisces energy is transiting in your chart is also a focal point for healing.
The next eclipse is on March 23rd with the full Moon in Libra opposing the Sun and Mercury in early Aries at 3 degrees. This illuminates a need for healing about relationships and seeing where your boundaries are within all your relationships. Lots of potential growth here because we all have many kinds of relationships, not just the romantic or the intimate ones.
Mars enters Sag on the 7th, getting closer to Saturn’s position on a daily basis but turns retrograde in mid April before getting with 7 degrees of Saturn in Sag. Those two tend to be harsh when conjunct, creating lots of frustration, anger and potentially violent situations. They get together in August so we dodge a bullet or two now with the Mars retrograde in April. That situation has its own problems which I will cover next month.
Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th of the March at 16 degrees of Sag, going back to the 9th degree on the 13th of August for a 5 month opportunity to “ do over “ some of the events of the last 3 months since the middle of December 2015. You can correct your course during this time. Jupiter is still retrograde in Virgo, asking for your precision in your daily tasks and health matters. Uranus in Aries is still within the orb of squaring Pluto in Capricorn, shaking up the status quo and bringing chaos into the power structures in the world. Remember that love is stronger than fear, now more than ever.


ariesMarch 21-April 20
The solar eclipse on the 8th happens in your 12th house of hidden ways you screw yourself up, karma, the past, the unconscious, large institutions, hospitals, service to others, hidden enemies and healing gifts. Focus on bringing to light that which is hidden in your psyche and adopt better habits to facilitate that healing. The 10th and 11th are your most powerful days.


taurusApril 21-May 20
Your 11th house of ideals, hopes and wildest dreams, friends, income from profession, groups and social circles is highlighted by the eclipse on the 8th. You will be aware that things are in a state of flux surrounding these areas and things are fitting like they used to. Allow the changes to occur, you will be fine, in fact even better once you let go of what’s holding you back. Your best days are 12th and early part of the 13th are your best days.


geminiMay 21-June 21
The solar eclipse on the 8th activates your 10th house of career, public image, reputation, people with power over you, the government, and personal responsibility. You will find yourself more ambitious during this month, seeking to improve your station in life for the long term. Focus on your strengths when asking for promotions. The 14th and 15th are your personal power days.


cancerJune 22-July 22
Your 7th house of marriage, partnerships, clients, steady relationships, contracts, mentors and open enemies is activated by the solar eclipse on March 8th. You will be very aware of what is working and what is not working in these areas. Open yourself up to discussion about any issues that come up so you can devise a more workable arrangement. Best days for you are the Equinox on the 20th, and the 21st. .


leoJuly 23-Aug 22 The solar eclipse on the 8th happens in your solar 8th house, the deep merging house of secrets, one on one emotional relationships, the occult, death, taxes, insurance, your partner’s money, legacies, major changes brought by crisis. This could trigger some major changes coming up as eclipse energies tend to build up over the course of 6-12 months. This is kind of a heavy house to have activated so make sure you pay attention your own end of life details as well as your partner’s. It doesn’t mean someone’s going to die but it does mean you start to make a plan about end of life matters. The 18th and 19th are your best days.


virgoAug 23-Sept 22
There’s some stress about finances, investments, insurances, death and taxes for you this month as well as some journey into a dark or fearful place that puts you on alert. You’ve been in difficult situations before so this too shall pass. Communication is key and Mercury with the Sun in Virgo help you understand the issue and resolve it. Your best days are the PM hours of the 15th, the 16th and AM hours of the New Moon on the 17th.


libraSept 23-Oct 23
The solar eclipse on March 8th happens in your 6th house of every day work, duty, health, diet, pets, your attitude towards cleanliness and order, employees, servants and the way you approach your work. You will find yourself wanting to makes changes that support a better lifestyle during this eclipse cycle. Doing this will make everything in your life more balanced. Good days to institute changes are the Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd and the 24th.


scorpioOct 24-Nov 22 Your 5th house of creativity, love affairs, children, risk taking, games, sports and romance is triggered by the solar eclipse on March 8th. Some houses are definitely easier than others in the astrological scheme of things so this one is a pretty great one to have an eclipse happen in. Follow your intuition about what excites your passion and you won’t be disappointed. The 25th and 26th are your stellar days.


sagittariusNov 23-Dec 21
The solar eclipse on March 8th happens in your solar 4th house of family, home, real estate, land, your father, mines, and conditions in your old age. You can expect some changes to occur in these areas over the next 6-12 months as so much energy is concentrated in this house now. Make some plans to spend time with your family during this cycle. You might even consider a move. Best days are the 1st, 2nd, 28th and 29th.


capricornDec 22-Jan 20
Your 3rd house of learning, teaching, short trips, writing, siblings, neighbors, and all types of communication is highlighted by this eclipse on March 8th. If you are feeling the urge to write, blog or expand your communication efforts to support your business, this is a great cycle to begin that work. You will also have more contact with family members or schedule a visit with them. Your good days are the 3rd, 4th, 30th and 31st.


aquariusJan 21-Feb 20
The solar eclipse on March 8th activates your 2nd house of values, money, possessions, self worth, greed and generosity. This indicates there will be lots of changes in your attitudes and actions regarding these items. You might schedule a consultation with a financial planner during this time to see if you are on target with your goals. The 5th and 6th are your power days.


piscesFeb 21-Mar 20
Your first house of personal image, your body, your personality and world view, how people see you and your ego are activated by this solar eclipse on March 8th. It’s a great cycle to maybe have a makeover or image consultation to see if you are indeed showing up as you want to in the world. Yes, it’s a bit superficial but one does need to project a desirable image in the world we live in. Good days for those appointments are the 8th and 9th.


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