I have been a client of Jeanne’s for fifteen years or longer and I have always found her astrological insights to possess great depth and insights on every level, personally and professionally. As the CEO of a successful and growing company, no major decision is made without her counsel. The value she brings is indispensable to our organization’s growth and future success.

Stephen Xavier

CEO, Cornerstone Executive Development Group, Inc.

Jeanne’s insights have been spot on regarding specific planetary cycles for professional gain. I listen very carefully when she gives out times to be careful or times to keep my mouth shut! I’m sure I’ve avoided all kinds of conflict by doing just that! Thanks for all your words of wisdom!

Candace F.


Jeanne brings wit and wisdom together in offering very practical guidance on timing and her relationship guidance is right on. She helped sway me toward the man who became my husband through an analysis of the inherent compatibility in our charts, and helps us both through those times when we can accomplish a lot together, as well as when times are rough and we need a deeper understanding of each other. She is classy, yet completely down-to-earth, a great combination in any counselor.

Margaret Jones

Author and Editor

One of the greatest things that I have done for my life was to give myself the gift of using the talent and skill of Jeanne Callahan. Her expert charting of astrological energy has provided me with a road map that I have used to great effect – to achieve my goals and better understand myself. Jeanne’s deep insights and playful wit are a blessing that I intend upon using for another fourteen years. You too, would do well to benefit from her skills.

Kimberley Ashley

High Fashion Designer, Author and Business Woman

Jeanne has been a valued friend and resource for many years and has kept me aware of where I am in the cosmic cycle with loving guidance in all matters of the heart, health and the investment of my time and money.

Diane Worth

Interior Designer, FASID

Those Lucky Days Reports really work! I love knowing when I’m going to have that extra positive vibe surrounding me! The world needs more people who know how to work constructively with the cosmic vibes–thanks for providing me with that valuable info!

C. Valerian

PR Consultant

I thought I was going to miss one as I was going to be traveling across the International Date line but I didn’t miss it at all, as I got upgraded to first class seating on a flight to Australia on one of my Grand Good Fortune Days! These dates really work!

Gwen P.

International Business Consultant

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