I have been seriously involved in the study of astrology for over thirty-five years. I first encountered astrology in 1972, when my college roommate bought Linda Goodman’s classic on the subject, “Sun Signs”.   Like many people I read my Sun sign horoscope in magazines and the newspaper, then in 1981 I had my chart done for the first time by a professional astrologer in Arizona.  Wow, it was an eye opener!  I was astounded at how much correct information she gathered about me from that natal chart.  I loved the geometry of the chart and the way she explained it all. I knew then I had to learn more about this remarkable body of knowledge.

 I embarked on an informal course of study on my own for a several years and then received formal training with many famous astrologers, among them Robert Hand, Terry Warneke, Noel Tyl, Jeff Green, Marion March, Michael Lutin, John Frawley, Kenneth Johnson, Joni Patry, and most recently, Sam Geppi.  Because astrology is a passion of mine,  I will always pursue more knowledge on the subject.  I recently completed the Level 1 certification course in Vedic astrology with Sam Geppi and the American Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences, and am currently studying for my Level 2 certification in Vedic astrology with them at present. 

My first profession is interior design, where I  have found astrology to be a valuable adjunct, showing me when to start a project, when to do the creative work, and when to do the research and sourcing work.  I have found that astrology can provide valuable information that can be translated to anyone’s personal and professional life.  It is one of my goals to assist people in opening up to the profound insights that astrology can provide in all matters in life, whether it be life’s big decisions or the best time to get a makeover!  This kind of knowledge is power!  

I also have a background in Feng Shui, having studied with Brayden Zeviar, Stephen Post and Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun of the Yun Lin Temple in San Francisco.    In addition to that esoteric body of knowledge, I am a practitioner of the Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu since beginning my studies with their organization in 1990.  I feel very fortunate to have been guided to these profound wells of ancient knowledge as they help inform my life’s decisions and provide support for the astrological guidance I give as well. 

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