Mercury is the planet that rules all forms of communication, the nervous system, the mind, transportation and movement. Being the nearest body to the Sun, Mercury moves quickly, completing a revolution around the sun every 88 days. During the retrograde periods, which occur about three times a year, Mercury is very close to the earth and appears to be moving backward in the sky from our perspective here on earth. Of course, this is not the reality of its motion, it just appears that way to the eye from our viewpoint on planet Earth. Because of this unusual perspective, our minds process information differently during these times.

Everything under the rulership of Mercury is affected by this. For example, we don’t hear all the details of a conversation, we forget to write things down, we miss appointments, lose things, or our gadgets don’t function properly, etc. You get the picture–it’s a period of major distraction. If you are aware of these times you can cut yourself (and others) some slack as most of the problems are minor things that will straighten out when the retrograde period is over. Forcing things to happen according to your agenda isn’t recommended as you will not get the desired result. Things will straighten out when Mercury is back to its normal forward motion.

The main Mercury Rx dictum is to NOT sign any contracts (you will want to get out of them) or buy any major appliances, electronics, computers, cars or high ticket items during this time as you will always have trouble with them.  Contact me, or 602-957-6008 for more details on how this affects you personally by sign and by the house Mercury is transiting. The earth signs are the most affected this year, 2016

January 5-January 25 1 Aquarius to 14 Capricorn         December 19-January 8 ,2017                                                                                                                    15 Capricorn-28 Sagittarius

April 28- May 22 23 Taurus to 14 Taurus

August 30- September 22 29 Virgo to 14 Virgo             2017 Dates, coming soon!

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