Happy New Year everyone! Well, we made it through a difficult but transformational 2018. Yay for us! So what does 2019 bring in for us to experience, process and transform in the coming 12 months? It’s complicated, of course, but we can all put the energy to use positively in some way. Here’s a brief overview of the main cosmic events month by month.
January begins the New Year with Mars, the warrior planet, entering the sign of Aries, its home base sign. This brings an aggressive and willful energy available over the next two months. There is hope as Mercury is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter, which can scatter too much mental energy around, and rising before the Sun. This is considered protective energy and Mercury is at the Galactic Center so the cosmos is speaking to us in some way. Pay attention to your day and night dreams.
That morning Venus and the Moon will rise before the Sun as well, bringing some beautiful cosmic eye candy for the early rising stargazers. We have 2 eclipses, the 1st on the 5th, a solar one at 15 degrees of Capricorn and the 2nd on the 21st, a lunar one at 0 degrees 52’ of Leo/Aquarius. On the 6th, Uranus goes into direct motion and so will be powerfully stationed at 28 degrees of Aries. This will make the first part of January a bit volatile and unstable so we may just have to adjust our schedules to go with the flow as it unfolds.
February has Mars moving into a conjunction with Uranus on the 14th which can bring earth changes, accidents, strange fires and unrest. There could be global powers beating their war drums which creates an atmosphere of fear, distrust and danger. Mercury enters Pisces the last 2 weeks and moves towards a conjunction with Neptune which indicates deception and lies all over the place.
March has Mercury, retrograde at 29 Pisces, and going back to conjunct Neptune again on the 28th, so be aware, things are not how you think they are. There is a lot of confusion at this time as well as when Uranus goes into Taurus on the 6th and will transit this sign for the next 7 years. This ingress will shake up the financial markets and everyone’s sense of security. Stay grounded.
April has 3 planets going retrograde, Jupiter at 24 Sag on the 10th, Pluto at 23 Capricorn on the 24th and Saturn at 20 Capricorn with the South node on the 29th. This brings in some power struggles and a sense of destiny with talk of big changes forming now. Mercury is close to Neptune for the first week so there will be some uncovering of the lies told since early February and things could get very bizarre.
May has a vibe similar to April but with the hope of Spring and pleasant weather giving us some positive experiences in nature. There is a positive aspect between Venus and Mars, giving the opposite sexes some power of attraction and a desire to mate.
June has some strong volatility with Mars and the North node opposite Saturn and the South node at 18 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. It would not be a good time to travel, particularly, if you have any planets around that degree in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Tackle a big project on the home front that involves destruction, some preservation and conservation between the 8th and 16th to use this energy for benefit.
July has 2 eclipses and therefore can be a game changer for all the Cardinal signs again. The Solar eclipse on the 2nd at 4 degrees of Cancer hits the United States Sun sign so there will be more upheaval here. The Lunar eclipse on the 16th rings a bell for opposition to the status quo power structures that will be clarified through January of 2020 when 4 planets converge around that degree. Mercury also goes retrograde on the 7th, bringing in some chaos with communication and travel.
August has Jupiter going into direct motion at 14 Sag on the 11th, bringing forces of justice, truth and right action some positive energy and Uranus going retrograde on the same day at 6 degrees of Taurus, still indicating some financial security upheavals possible.
September has Saturn going into direct motion at 14 Capricorn and Mercury and Venus entering Libra so there is still lots of tension regarding our government and other powerful institutions.
October has Mars entering Libra so it can bring some diplomatic resolutions and agreements. With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, there can still be major secrets or vengeful words and actions that sting. Jupiter keeps the ship on course while
November has an energy of hopeful optimism with Mars in Libra through the 19th and Venus and Jupiter in Sag but things get a little darker when Mars enters Scorpio on the 20th. Powerful Neptune goes direct at 15 degrees of Pisces on the 27th, indicating a breaking point for lies.
December has an eclipse on the evening of the 25th with 5 planets in Capricorn and Mercury at the Galactic Center, so some more truths will come out to inform and educate us. We are building towards the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto all month which will ultimately be a power struggle but with Jupiter getting close to their energies, there is room for hope and justice having a good shot at countering some darkness. Do what works for you to stay out of what will surely be pretty negative stuff circulating through mass consciousness.
Whew, these are very dynamic times we are moving through, so be aware, be alert and in the moment to find your way through. Yea, there are some scary times coming up but we can control how we react and direct our actions to the best possible outcome. Love is stronger than fear.

Read your sun sign and rising sign for best information:


ariesMarch 21-April 20
The New Moon on the 16th brings in necessary changes to your career path. You can’t force things this month, go with the flow of new direction after the 16th.


taurusApril 21-May 20
The new Moon on the 16th will reveal what needs to be eliminated from your life. Focus on belief systems and what you truly align with.


geminiMay 21-June 21
You need to focus more on long term financial goals, insurances, wills, and tax planning. It’s time to step up to your responsibilities to others and your own goals.


cancerJune 22-July 22
You will have more clarity about both personal and business relationships this year. Focus on what qualities you want to have in your life.


leoJuly 23-Aug 22
Your health and habits will be a major focus in the coming year as you will set goals and change your habits to achieve them.


virgoAug 23-Sept 22
Your ability to relax and have fun will be a focus for you as you become more aware about the importance of balance in your life this year.


libraSept 23-Oct 23
Home life, family, security and emotional balance will be the major theme for you this year as you work out your priorities in those matters.


scorpioOct 24-Nov 22
Learning new communication skills will be a big focus for you this year. The new Moon on the 16th highlights your weaknesses but provide the impetus to guide you to ways you can be more competitive and effective in the future.


sagittariusNov 23-Dec 21
Financial security and use of your assets will be the area of focus this year. Use your resources wisely will be your guiding mantra.


capricornDec 22-Jan 20
Taking a stand for responsible actions and building a solid reputation is the theme for you this year.


aquariusJan 21-Feb 20
Your dream life will be very active this month and can inform you of life themes and things you need to improve this year. Be careful of self sabotage and take care of your health.


piscesFeb 21-Mar 20
You will be very aware of the friends you keep and professional people you socialize with this year. It’s OK to let some of them naturally fade away.


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