The year begins with a full Moon in Cancer on the evening of the 1st. This vibration is very nurturing about caring for the family, the home and the hearth. Opposite the Moon are the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which is more a vibration about responsibility, business and control but it is still a care taking sign. These are the areas you will focus on for the month, caring for loved ones and taking care of business. Saturn and Pluto will be in Capricorn all year so there will be issues of control, domination and stability for the world at large. We are shifting, folks, but the old way of doing things is dying out.
The next day brings Uranus going into direct motion at 24 degrees 34’ of Aries. The great Awakener shakes things up and you may get more than a few surprises this year as it makes its way through the final degrees of Aries and then into Taurus in the middle of May. This vibration is about revolution, change, unusual occurrences, technology and things that travel through the ether. Stability gets a jolt when it moves into the calm earth sign of Taurus.
Saturn will be in its home sign of earthy Capricorn for approximately the next 2.5 years so it will make sure you get the lessons you deserve, being the lord of karma. Pay attention to the rules, proper procedure and the details and don’t shirk responsibility. Own your stuff.
Jupiter is very close to Mars now in the sign of Scorpio and that duo likes action, adventure and taking charge of things. Think of them together as a general preparing for battle and making sure everything is in order. This makes the month of January a great time to get things in order. Jupiter spends most of the year in Scorpio before he moves into Sagittarius on November 9th. Look beneath the surface of things for what is motivating yours and other’s behaviors.
Mars gets a turn at going into retrograde motion this year from June 26-August 28th at 9 degrees of Aquarius back through 28 degrees of Capricorn. This may be an unstable time as Mars will be with the south node, also in early degrees of Aquarius, which will bring up things from the past and possibly spoil or at least delay some plans. Do not start anything you want to last a long time during this period.
Venus also has a retrograde period this year from October 4-November 16th beginning at 10 degrees of Scorpio back through 25 degrees of Libra. This one will put pressure on intimacy and relationships. Work things out.
Mercury, the little dude, has its normal 3 retrograde periods in the fire signs in 2018.
The first one is 3/23-54/15 from 16 degrees Aries back to 4 degrees Aries.
The second one is 7/26-8/19 from 23 degrees Leo to 11 degrees Leo.
The third one is NOT at Christmas time—yay! It goes from 11/17-12/5 from 13 degrees of Sagittarius to 27 degrees of Scorpio.

Read your sun sign and rising sign for best information:


ariesMarch 21-April 20
The New Moon on the 16th brings in necessary changes to your career path. You can’t force things this month, go with the flow of new direction after the 16th.


taurusApril 21-May 20
The new Moon on the 16th will reveal what needs to be eliminated from your life. Focus on belief systems and what you truly align with.


geminiMay 21-June 21
You need to focus more on long term financial goals, insurances, wills, and tax planning. It’s time to step up to your responsibilities to others and your own goals.


cancerJune 22-July 22
You will have more clarity about both personal and business relationships this year. Focus on what qualities you want to have in your life.


leoJuly 23-Aug 22
Your health and habits will be a major focus in the coming year as you will set goals and change your habits to achieve them.


virgoAug 23-Sept 22
Your ability to relax and have fun will be a focus for you as you become more aware about the importance of balance in your life this year.


libraSept 23-Oct 23
Home life, family, security and emotional balance will be the major theme for you this year as you work out your priorities in those matters.


scorpioOct 24-Nov 22
Learning new communication skills will be a big focus for you this year. The new Moon on the 16th highlights your weaknesses but provide the impetus to guide you to ways you can be more competitive and effective in the future.


sagittariusNov 23-Dec 21
Financial security and use of your assets will be the area of focus this year. Use your resources wisely will be your guiding mantra.


capricornDec 22-Jan 20
Taking a stand for responsible actions and building a solid reputation is the theme for you this year.


aquariusJan 21-Feb 20
Your dream life will be very active this month and can inform you of life themes and things you need to improve this year. Be careful of self sabotage and take care of your health.


piscesFeb 21-Mar 20
You will be very aware of the friends you keep and professional people you socialize with this year. It’s OK to let some of them naturally fade away.


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