The month begins with an interesting Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces during the first 5 days and Mercury going direct on the 6th as well. This in indicative of some kind of information bubble being burst as Mars penetrates the fog of Neptune. It can also be a great time to begin a meditation practice as the veil of illusion can also be pierced. Personally, I am attending a Vedic Astrology convention in Sedona to be a part of the positive manifestation of the Mars/Neptune vibe. And everybody is always glad when Mercury goes direct, particularly at Christmas time.
Venus moves from her own sign of Libra into her debility sign of Scorpio. This is an uncomfortable sign for Venus, even though it is a feminine water sign, the fixed nature and general intensity of Scorpio makes for a bad match. Oh well, we’ll live through it. Mars joins with the wounded healer asteroid, Chiron, on the 30th and 31st so there’s opportunity to heal something that’s been going on a long time as it is in the last 2 degrees of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. It’s probably more of an emotional thing than physical in that sign, however.
Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius, Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn as well. This brings some stability and right action to the world. Pluto is also in the sign of Capricorn and when Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all join in that sign in 2020, you’ll see some real but shocking changes in the world.

Read your sun sign and rising sign for best information:


ariesMarch 21-April 20
With Jupiter in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, you have the grace of the guru and remover of obstacles in your solar 9th house of the higher mind. Engage in some form of education or expand your mind in some way as this is long and positive transit for you. Best days to do this are the 15th in the pm hours, the 16th and 17th.


taurusApril 21-May 20
With Saturn and Pluto in practical, earthy Capricorn in your solar 9th house you are inclined towards reaping material rewards from your education and enlightenment. It’s a good time to walk your talk and make something into a business that offers solid results for others. It’s not that you aren’t high minded, you just want to be grounded too. Your stellar days are the 18th and 19th.


geminiMay 21-June 21
With your ruling planet, Mercury, going direct in Scorpio, you may have recently uncovered a secret someone’s been keeping from you. Being of agile mind and body, you don’t need to get pulled into a big drama with this, just move on. There’s a lesson to be learned from this as you may have fallen for this same thing before. It’s way past time to wise up. The 20th, 21st and the am hours of the 22nd are your best days of the month.


cancerJune 22-July 22
Jupiter is in the solar 6th house for you now and you use the energy to gain some wisdom about your health and increase your knowledge about how to stay healthy. Be careful about overeating as Jupiter tends to expand things and that includes the waistline. Seek stability and routine as a good thing in your life right now. The full moon happens in your sign on the 22nd. Your best days are the pm hours of the 22nd, the 23rd and am hours of the 24th.


leoJuly 23-Aug 22
Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius is moving through your solar 5th house of fun, creativity, children and love affairs for the next 10 months. So what will you do with this upbeat energy? Start off with being very generous for Christmas since the Moon will be in your sign that day. Best days for you are the pm hours of the 24th, the 25th and am hours of the 26th! Ho, Ho, Ho, guess who is playing Santa this year!


virgoAug 23-Sept 22
This is a time to really appreciate home, hearth and your ancestors this year as Jupiter settles into its transit of your solar 4th house. This makes it hard to leave home as you get so comfortable there. It is a good time to improve a property but you might just over do it. Oh well, there are worse things to spend money on. Best days for you are the pm hours of the 26th, the 27th and 28th.


libraSept 23-Oct 23
Jupiter and Mercury and the Sun join up in your 3rd house of communication and you have a lot to say right after that long Venus transit in your sign. It may take a week to pull the energy together to do it as Mars and Neptune in your health house may have you feeling spacey or weak. Things improve after the 7th. You have lots of great days this month, beginning on the 1st, 2nd, am hours of the 3rd, and the 29th and 30th.


scorpioOct 24-Nov 22
This is a great month for creativity, fun, luck and love as Venus enters your sign and the Mars Neptune conjunction graces your positive 5th house. You may get some good news about your income or a end of year bonus that is bigger than you expected. Your best days are the pm hours of the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th.


sagittariusNov 23-Dec 21
You get a boost of energy as the Sun and Jupiter in your sign gives some light at the end of the tunnel feelings. Pay attention to what you communicate and listen carefully to what people tell you during the 3rd week of the month as Mercury and Jupiter align to bring you pertinent information. Give yourself a couple of days off on the 6th and new Moon of the 7th to enjoy life.


capricornDec 22-Jan 20
With Mars and Neptune aligned in your 3rd house of communication during the first 2 weeks of the month, you should delay sensitive communications and major decision making until after the 15th. There is a potential for fraud or deceit or unclear messages during this time. With Venus in your 11th house, you would be wise to use the month to socialize and make new business contacts. The 8th, 9th, and 10th are great days to do this.


aquariusJan 21-Feb 20
Mars and Neptune are together in your solar 2nd house of income and assets so now is not the time to over spend or invest in anything speculative or risky. The most active house of your chart right now is the 11th house of friends, professional aspirations and income so focus on connecting with others. With Venus in your 10th house you are certain to be amiable and charming now. The 11th and 12th are your stellar days.


piscesFeb 21-Mar 20
Mars and Neptune in your sign are a mixed bag, it can be mystical and fun but it can also be delusional and addled in the mind. Do not take any risks the first 2 weeks of the month and focus instead on healing things from the past. Make peace with it within yourself. Look up “ho’o’,pono,pono” online and make a practice of it at the end of the month as well as on the 13th, 14th and 15th.


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