One month down for 2019 and didn’t that one go by fast! February has some very interesting planetary conjunctions as I will note here AND all the planets are in direct motion the entire month so progress can be made in whatever you are working on. Here are the highlights.
Mars in Aries is moving towards a conjunction with Uranus with the exact connection on the 15th. Therefore, the first 2 weeks can be erratic and volatile. Be careful when working with tools, knives, fire and anything electrical as this is an accident prone, chaotic energy. If you have planets in the cardinal signs between 20 and 29 degrees, you will be in the cross hairs of this energy. It is a great time to get body energy work done, including acupuncture or anything that works with the meridians in the body.
Mercury goes into Pisces on the 10th, a sign where it is weak, and will move to an exact conjunction with Neptune on the 19th. This vibe can spread deceptions and lies and can make it hard to know exactly what is going on so I would avoid signing contracts on that day. Mercury will retrograde at the last degree of Pisces in early March and will spend a long time in this sign, not entering Aries until April 21st.
Venus goes into Capricorn on the 4th and moves to an exact conjunction with Saturn on the 17th indicating seriousness about relationships and commitments. On the 25th Venus connects with the south node on the 25th which may bring some disappointment if you try to force anything with others. Take the day off and recharge your batteries, it’s a short transit.
Jupiter continues in Sagittarius between 17-21 degrees so do your best to see a bigger picture and fight for justice. Saturn moves from 14-17 degrees of Capricorn, its home sign. Right action is a key principle with Saturn in this sign. Uranus covers the last degree of Aries before moving into Taurus next month for 7 years. Neptune moves from 14-15 degrees of Pisces, making water purity, water resources and the oceans still a big issue. And last but not least, Pluto slowly grinds out the 21st and 22nd degree of Capricorn, with transformation of power structures as an energy to be reckoned with.

Read your sun sign and rising sign for best information:


ariesMarch 21-April 20
You are highly energized and a bit wacked out for the first 2 weeks of the month as your ruling planet, Mars, gets close to planetary wild card Uranus. This can make you erratic and cranky if you let it so make sure you get a lot of physical exercise to move the energy through your system. Don’t play with matches or operate heavy machinery during this time and know that this, too, shall pass. The 8th, 9th and morning of the 10th are your best days.


taurusApril 21-May 20
With Mars and Uranus in your 12th house of karma, secrets and self-sabotage, you need to slow down and get centered before making any big changes. Your spouse, if in a relationship, could be acting weird or just be generally repelling in some way. This, too, shall pass. Take some time off to cultivate the positive energy in your 10th house of career. Your unique take on things is appreciated. The 11th and 12th are good days to do this.


geminiMay 21-June 21
There’s some kind of bizarre vibes happening in regard to your work environment and the money earned from your profession. Roll with it but keep good records on your hours and activities as the energy of Mars and Uranus creates some disturbances and people can act out with this energy. Watch out for deception or underhanded tactics around the 19th as Mercury aligns with Neptune. If escaping reality is what you need, that’s a great day to do it so go to the movies. Take some time off and have fun on the 13th and 14th.


cancerJune 22-July 22
The first two weeks of the month has a disruptive influence in your professional life. This is not bad, but it will through a few curve balls to your plans and you will have to adapt to some big changes. Partnerships are also a big focus for you and if you are in one you may find yourself needing some space as it’s a bit of a heavy time with Saturn and Pluto in your 7th house. Take good care of yourself on the 15th and 16th as the worst disruption is waning after the 15th.


leoJuly 23-Aug 22
This month is the time to really focus on your health and make major corrections to your dietary and exercise routine over the next 90 days. Pluto, Saturn and the south node moving through your solar 6th house demand you maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the upbeat side, Venus and Jupiter are in your 5th house are giving you ample creative juices and the ability to have a lighthearted time with children and friends. Use the good vibes on the 17th and 18th to your advantage.


virgoAug 23-Sept 22
You have some confusing influences over the next 3 months as your ruling planet, Mercury, enters your opposite sign of Pisces and retrogrades in Pisces in March. Schedules will be constantly changing as will people’s expectations of you and your work. Stay in the moment and learn to roll with it each day. On the positive side, your home life feels safe and cozy and since it’s not a great time to travel much this month, enjoy life from the comforts of your home. Binge viewing is definitely in your future for the next 2 months! The full Moon on the 19th and the 20th are your best days.


libraSept 23-Oct 23
Some heavy vibes from Saturn, Pluto and the south node transiting your 4th house of home, family, ancestors and legacies are a grounding influence in your life. You will definitely feel like you are getting burdened with responsibilities on that front. However, you can enjoy short distance adventures now as Venus and Jupiter will give ample opportunities for that. If in a committed relationship the first 2 weeks of the month will be challenging as Mar and Uranus occupy your 7th house giving it an unstable erratic vibe. This, too, shall pass. The 21st and 22nd are your best days.


scorpioOct 24-Nov 22
The Mars and Uranus conjunction happens in your solar 6th house so it will disrupt work routines and agitate your nervous system the first 2 weeks of the month. It is a good idea to move the energy through your system with yoga, body work and physical exercise. It’s a restless vibration and so it may also disturb your sleep. This, too, shall pass. You may get some heavy news regarding your siblings during the next 2 months that you are not quite prepared for. On the positive side, finances can improve if you show up and do the work. The 23rd, 24th and AM hours of the 25th are your fortunate days.


sagittariusNov 23-Dec 21
With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your sign can regain some optimism about what you are going for in the future. Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd house mean you have to stick to a budget and not be frivolous with your cash. Have a couple of low risk adventures this month to take you out of a routine but do be careful around the 14th and 15th. The PM hours of the 25th, the 26th and 27 are your stellar days.


capricornDec 22-Jan 20
With Saturn, Pluto and the south node currently transiting your sign and solar first house, you may feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on you. You can use this energy to get rid of something unnecessary that is burdening you from your full expression. Learn to release and let go, even if it is just an expectation you put on yourself. The positive vibes of Jupiter and Venus will help you see it clearly. Spend time alone or in meditation to calm your inner being. Good days for you are the 1st, 2nd and 28th.


aquariusJan 21-Feb 20
The Sun and Mercury moving through your sign for the first 9 days of the month mean you can learn something new or have a little surprise adventure coming up. Make it a no risk one around the 14th/15th as the Mars Uranus conjunction happens in your third house of travel and communication. This is a great month to connect with new people, particularly in areas that connect with your hopes, wishes and ambitions. The 3rd and new Moon on the 4th are good days to do so.


piscesFeb 21-Mar 20
With Jupiter and Venus in your solar 10th house of career, making a trine connection with Mars and Uranus in your 2nd house of money, you could be offered a new position or get a new business idea that will increase your wealth. All the planets are in direct motion this month so you can make some progress with this. Do your homework on this as the next 2 months could bring a reality check if you don’t really understand what you are doing. The 5th, 6th and 7th are your days of positive influence.


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